Part Four: Sonship Establishment 4

It's extremely important at this stage to once again stress that it's imperative
that the 200+ hours of teaching that preceded these lessons be completed before
Sonship Establishment can be started. If you have not completed all previous
lessons (Justification, Sanctification, and Sonship Orientation), please return
to complete that prerequisite teaching. Once completed, you may listen to audio
by selecting a session below.

Establishment4:1 Establishment4:2 Establishment4:3
Establishment4:4 Establishment4:5M Establishment4:6M
Establshment4:5-6G Establishment4:7M Establishment4:8M
Establshment4:7-8G Establishment4:9M Establishment4:10M
Establishment4:11M Establishment4:12M Establshmnt4:9-10G
Estblshmnt4:11-12G Establishment4:13M Establishment4:14M
Estblshmnt4:15-16G Estblshmnt4:17-18G Estblshmnt4:19-20G
Estblshmnt4:21-22G Establishment Establishment