Part Four: Sonship Establishment 1 & 2

It's extremely important at this stage to once again stress that it's imperative
that the 200+ hours of teaching that preceded these lessons be completed before
Sonship Establishment can be started. If you have not completed all previous
lessons (Justification, Sanctification, and Sonship Orientation), please return
to complete that prerequisite teaching. Once completed, you may listen to audio
by selecting a session below.

Establishment Intro Establishment pt1 Establishment pt2
Establishment pt3 Establishment pt4 Establishment pt5
Establishment pt6 Establishment pt7 Establishment pt8
Establishment pt9 Establishment pt10 Establishment pt11
Establishment pt12 Establishment pt13 Establishment pt14
Establishment pt15 Establishment pt16 Establishment pt17
Establishment pt18 Establishment pt19 Establishment pt20
Establishment pt21 Establishment pt22 Establishment21-22
Establishment pt23 Establishment pt24 Establishment23-24
Disp of Grace pt1 Disp of Grace pt2 Establishment pt25
Establishment pt26 Establishment pt27 Establishment25-27
Establishment pt28 Establishment pt29 Establishment pt30
Establishment28-30 Establishment pt31 Establishment pt32
Establishment pt33 Establishment pt34 Establishment pt35
Establishment pt36 Establishment pt37 Establishment pt38
Establishment pt39 Establishment pt40 Establishment31-35
Establishment36-40 Establishment 41M Establishment 42M
Establishment 41GR Establishment42GR Establishment 43M
Establishment 44M Establishment43-44 Establishment45-46
Establishment 45M Establishment 46M Establishment 47M
Establishment 48M Establishment47-48 Establishment49-50
Establishment 49M Establishment 50M Establishment 51M
Establishment 52M Establishment51-52 Establishment 53M
Establishment54M Establishment53-54 Establishment55M
Establishment56M Establishment55-56 Establishment57M
Establishment58M Establishment57-58 Establishment59M
Establishment60M Establishment59GR Establishment60GR
Establishment 61M Establishment 62M Establishment61-62
Establishment63-64 Establishment63M Establishment64M
Establishment65GR Establishment66GR Establishment65M
Establishment66M Establishment67M Establishment68M